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Salt + Steam

Bath Salts

Bath Salts

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Bath salts are the perfect way to turn your bath into a relaxing bedtime ritual. The four fragrances all combine floral and herbal essential oils with Himalyan rock and Epsom salts formulated to aid relaxation whilst smoothing and hydrating your skin. Presented in a re-usable galss container with a cork lid.

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Beauty Sleep:  A blend of Lavender, Rose & Clary Sage essential oils to help you relax and prepare to drift off, whilst natural salts soften your skin and soothe your muscles. 

Dreamer: Soothing salts that contain a luxurious blend of essential oils including orange, rose geranium, woody cedar and rich frankincense to give you the sweetest of dreams.

Fresca: A fruity mix of Italian Lemon, Peppermint & Verbena for the perfect blend of relaxing and refreshing.

Sultry Rose: Floral bath salts combine the soft scent of rose with the spicy heat of black pepper to help you unwind and relax whilst smoothing and hydrating the skin .

Weight: 432gms

Vegan and 100% Cruelty free

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