At Dormitory we strongly believe in “slow fashion”. We use high quality materials and traditional production techniques to create a durable but timeless product that will not date and can be kept for many years to come.

We do not used synthetic fabrics for our bed linen. We are committed to keeping it natural, supporting local and working responsibly.

Renewable Energy

We have worked with the same Italian, family owned weavers for over twenty years as we believe they have the finest fabrics available. They are commited themselves to sustainable production and strive to minimise their environmental impact and improve energy efficiency with over 7000 square meters of solar panels with an annual output of clean energy to 1003.875 KWh.

Processing & Oeko-Tex ®

Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified. This means that they have been produced using eco-friendly processes as well as passing stringent tests demonstrating the absence of harmful substances.

European fabric production also guarantees full REACH compliance, which strictly regulates chemical substances to minimise potential impact and ensure a higher level of protection for health and for the environment.

The textile industry uses a great deal of water in finishing so we are proud to use a plant that purifies and recycles all of its waste water.