About Us

In an era where, luxury can be used to describe anything from cat food to cheese boards, Dormitory looks to what true luxury means – quality materials, an unstinting eye for detail and true, old fashioned craftsmanship. We take pride in the creation of well-crafted products of integrity.

We have been making bedlinen for many of the most exclusive names on the High Street for almost 20 years and now have our own online collection inspired by a love of traditional textile techniques. Drawing strong influences from costume and antique pieces, our desire is to work with the very best materials and create a product of genuine quality with a distinctive British flair.

In the pursuit of excellence, we take Egyptian cotton yarn that is woven in Italy and combine it with old world craft manufacturing skills of hand guided hemming, embroidery, jour and bourdon. With an expert attention to detail each piece is individually completed for a luxury level of finish to create, what we hope to be, a modern day heirloom.

Dormitory - About Us