Towel Care


Our bath linens are made from the finest fabrics and finished to the highest standards and in order to retain this quality for many years, it is important to follow these few simple steps.


Before using towels for the first time always soak or wash them in cold water without detergent. This allows the natural fibres to expand and maximise their softness and absorbency. It may take a few washes before the towels reach full absorbency. This will also help prevent pulls in threads.


When washing towels ensure that you read the washing instructions on the wash care label and follow the symbols shown. Always wash dark towels separately from other items. If possible, only wash towels with towels as they shed small cotton fibres called lint. These can become stuck to other fabrics during the washing process and are hard to remove. For this reason, never wash light and dark towels together.


As with fine bedlinen, detergents can cause coloured towels to fade or become patchy over time. A gentle detergent used sparingly is always recommended and never poured directly over the towels. Many cleaning and beauty products contain bleaches or whiteners so do remember to rinse hands and surfaces carefully before allowing direct contact with a coloured towel. Avoid using fabric softeners as these can coat the fibres which will drastically reduce the absorbency of your towels.

Watch out for items that may have hooks, buttons or zips as they can easily damage towels in a wash.


Damp towels should always be dried immediately after washing. Tumble drying will leave them soft and fluffy particularly if used with a drying ball, although it is important not to exceed the recommended temperature setting. Where the towels have fabric trims or are double faced it is important to pull them straight before drying. Waffle or linen towels can be ironed if required and are better line dried.