Mohair Care

Mohair is a natural fibre that is outstanding for its qualities of softness, sheen, lightness and heating power. But it needs to be well cared for to maximise these attributes.

As it is natural wool, Mohair blankets will always tend to shed some fibres. This is completely normal and there is no reason to be alarmed.


To keep mohair looking pristine it can be lightly brushed with a hard clothes brush. It is important to follow the direction of the fibres. This will leave a smooth surface which can moistened with a light spritz of water. A final light brush should leave the throw as good as new.


Wool as a fibre keeps itself clean naturally, expelling odours through moisture control, and is naturally stain and wrinkle resistant. This means you shouldn’t have to clean your wool items as often as other fabrics and you can simply air them out by laying flat on a bed or towel for an hour to dispel any lingering odours.

If you do need to wash, it is important to look at the care label and follow instructions. If it states dry clean only then please do so - there will be a reason for it!


    At the end of the winter if you think you will not need the blanket until the next season, we recommend that it is shaken out and aired fully. Give it a light brush and then store in a sealed bag or container where moth can not get in.

    This way, the blanket will keep its condition intact for the next tiem you get it out.