Our Tips for sleeping during a Heatwave

Our Tips for sleeping during a Heatwave

It’s a very British thing to moan about the lack of warm weather and then as soon as it arrives complain that it’s now too hot.  What is true is that many people do find it difficult to sleep in hot and humid weather and as a result can wake up feeling tired and fractious.

However, as the mercury rises there are some things that you can do to help get a good night’s rest.

A cool room

It may seem obvious, but try and remember to keep the bedroom as cool as possible. Before you leave in the morning, draw the curtains or blinds so that the room stays dark throughout the day. South facing windows should remain shut to keep hot air out.

Once evening falls, open windows to get a through breeze to cool and air the room before bedtime.

A fan, even a small one will help although if you are a hay fever sufferer be careful as this could exacerbate symptoms. 

Additionally, you can fill a hot water bottle with iced water. Keeping your feet cool will lower the whole-body temperature

Mini Felted Hot Water Bottle Penguin Blue


Fold up and store your winter duvet. In the very hot weather, a top sheet may be all you need. However, keep another light cover handy as body temperature drops during the night so you may find yourself cold later in the night.

An absolute must on a muggy night has to be pure natural fibre bed linen which will allow the body’s moisture to escape. Cotton is fantastically absorbent and nothing beats the cool, crisp touch of a cotton percale sheet when the air is close. The finer the quality, the cooler and smoother it will feel next to the skin. Linen is also very absorbent so will remain cool although it is generally weightier which you may not want in the heat.

At Dormitory we sell micromodal bed linen which is even more absorbent than cotton. It has the feel of silk but launders much more easily. A great alternative if you want to keep a feel of luxury

During the day

Drink plenty throughout the day. Make sure that you stop well before you go to sleep or you will be waking up for the toilet in the wee small hours.

Water is the best thing to drink as many soft drinks contain caffeine which as a stimulant will make you feel more awake.

The resulting lethargy from a hot summer’s day can tempt us to drift off in a nice shady spot of an afternoon. But, beware too long a siesta, especially when it’s not a usual habit as this can disturb your usual night pattern and keep you awake later.

Getting ready to sleep

It is tempting to have a cold shower before bed to cool down, but this actually boosts the body’s circulation (telling it to keep warm). It is far better to have a lukewarm/ tepid bath or shower to keep the body temperature regulated.

Lastly, make the room an analogue zone. Use an old fashioned alarm clock and wind down with a good book or the radio. Leave digital devices downstairs to avoid exposure to blue screen light and the temptation to keep scrolling or checking messages.



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