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Because you’re worth it – why you should invest in quality Egyptian cotton bedding for a good night’s sleep.

It’s no secret that we all love our beds, but the physical and mental benefits of regular good sleep is becoming increasingly apparent. A 2017 book by neuroscientist Matthew Walker revealed that sleep is much more important for our health and happiness than previously thought and that getting less sleep than we need (a massive 8 hours!) increases our chances of getting diseases like cancer and Alzheimers, and can actually shorten our life-spans.

Achieving that perfect 8 hour slumber is easier said than done though. Most of us are aware that we need comfortable, supportive mattresses and optimal sleeping conditions – a regular bedtime routine, low-lighting, good ventilation, and an absence of screens in the bedroom. But the bedding we sleep in should also be a priority. The material we choose to wrap ourselves in and that is in contact with our skins for 1/3 of our lives is a key ingredient in the recipe for comfortable and revitalising sleep.

egyptian cotton

Egyptian Cotton – simply the best.

Pure Egyptian cotton has long had the reputation of being the softest and most luxurious material for bedding – and rightly so. The secret to its quality lies in the special characteristics of the Egyptian cotton species. The climate and particular environmental conditions where it is grown in the Nile Delta creates a longer, thinner, and stronger staple (fibre) which when woven produces a uniquely fine and durable fabric with a supremely soft texture. It is light and breathable, and the strength of the fibres mean that the fabric lasts for years, can be machine washed and tumble dried, in fact, becoming softer and even more luxurious over time with repeated washing.


Thread Count. The only way is up – or is it?

The thread count of the fabric is a measure of the threads in a square inch and it is the thinner, finer staples of Egyptian cotton that enable it to be woven tightly into a super fine, high thread-count material. Beware of very high thread count (over 800) cheaper cotton varieties as these have had extra threads woven in which artificially raises the thread count, but doesn’t enhance the quality, durability or texture of the fabric.

egyptian cotton

Invest for good rest.

There are a lot of high-thread count 100% cotton sheets available on the market, but as we have seen, many of these are not all that they appear to be. The best quality, longest-lasting and most comfortable sheets are made from single-ply genuine Egyptian cotton, grown and hand-picked in Egypt, with a thread-count no higher than 600. The finest bedding is woven in Europe (specifically Italy) which has a long tradition of craftsmanship in weaving and where specialist looms, dyeing and finishing techniques are used. This bedding comes with a higher price-tag than other cotton variety and blended material sheets woven elsewhere, but if you invest wisely and follow the care instructions, you can look forward to many years of use and comfort. When you are shopping for bedding therefore, look out for labels with 100% cotton or pure Egyptian cotton on them, check where the sheets have been woven, feel the material, hold it up to the light (it shouldn’t be thin or see-through) – and if the price seems too good to be true – it most probably is!



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