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Reasons to choose wool

Wool – a natural choice


Wool is a wonderful and versatile natural fibre and for centuries sheep and their fleeces have been an integral part of the British landscape and commerce.

Although superseded by more manmade fibres, in recent decades, it a wonderful 100% natural fibre with its own very special natural properties and is renewable choice.

Reasons to choose wool

  • Natural – grown on sheep that graze freely in the countryside.


  • Sustainable – wool is an annually renewable fibre and therefore a resource that is naturally replenished.


  • Warm – wool is the original fibre for warmth, it has insulating properties and can keep you warm and cosy on the coldest days.

  • Cool – wool is also a fibre that stays cool, it breathes and will adapt to suit the environment or its wearer.


  • Comfort – the flexible, tactile nature makes it very comfortable to wear and sleep in.

  • Technical – the complex cell structure makes wool a working fibre, the key attributes of the fleece that protected the sheep out in the fields, the shorn fleece retains the properties.


  • Naturally fire-retardant – as a result of its high water and nitrogen content, wool is naturally fire resistant and does not melt or give off noxious fumes.


  • Pure wool is bio–degradable – the natural ability of wool to bio-degrade is an asset with the current eco agenda.

  • Durable – with its great resilience, it can withstand long periods of wear and tear.


  • Quality and style – the enduring quality and style of wool makes it a choice for the worlds of fashion and interiors.


  • Non-allergenic – able to trap dust within its microscopic scales, wool prevents dust floating in the home, so it can be shaken or vacuumed out later



Live naturally ………………Choose wool


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The True Value of Quality & Craftsmanship

I have always loved beautiful things. As a student I would rummage through sales looking for classically tailored vintage clothing. I once found a Dior ball gown from the 1950’s in a Norwich shop and the workmanship alone was a marvel to behold. To this day, an object lovingly crafted and finished with care and passion can still take my breath away.


Really well-made items though, are increasingly difficult to come by, especially in a world where so many things are manufactured to be disposable.True craftsmanship is often sacrificed for expediency and whilst we are still capable of recognising the value of something that has been expertly constructed, the cheap and easy option is often chosen instead.


How many times have any of us been lured by a low price only to find that it lasts for five minutes? A garment that doesn’t fit properly or loses colour after a few washes, or an item with a value so low that you simply don’t care about ruining it because it doesn’t really matter. Ironically, these “bargains” can end up being the more expensive option in the long run as constant replacement purchases outstrip the cost of having bought a well-crafted product in the first place.

However, despite our uncertain times we are seeing a quiet uprising. People are starting to realise the impact of our throwaway culture and are looking for more in terms of quality and longevity. Consumers are questioning how products are made and understanding that sustainability must be about making well-crafted items that last.

linen buttons


Something made by the hand of a skilled artisan is unique. No two pieces will be the same and in this way every product has its own story woven and stitched into it by the passion and attention to detail of the maker. After decades of cheap, faceless mass produced “stuff” I like to think that customers are looking for products with a bit of character and personality that respect the beauty of the raw materials.

hand guided bourdon


We like to think that this is what we offer from our atelier. Beautifully made products using beautiful materials . It doesn’t get more satisfying than that!