Só Soy Reed Diffuser – Damascan Rose & Ylang Ylang


A reed diffuser is a modern must in a relaxing, calming bedroom so we have searched hard to find a really good artisan made home fragrance that looks beautiful and releases a really lovely scent . Hand filled in Bushmills by Só Soy these diffusers mix botanical oils with soy formulated base.

There are 8 fibre reeds included in the box and you use 4 at a time, swopping the reeds as the fragrance fades or flip them upside down for a scent boost.

Damascan Rose & Ylang Ylang is an opulent rose bouquet with notes of violet and geranium, over a powdery amber and cedar wood base. Its sweetness is warm and soft, delicate rather than sugary.

Comes in a white presentation box.

Approx volume: 200ml

Bottle dimensions: 90mm x 80mm x 80mm

Net weight: Approx 700g