Anti Allergy Comforel® ECO Mattress Topper


Our anti-allergy mattress topper is 7cm deep with pockets of Clusterfibre. It is far superior to cheap polyester fillings as the unique Clusterfibre is supportive, refluffable and soft, replicating the feel of down. New Superfill weights give increased support and luxury.

Dacron® Comforel® ECO2 fibres are produced using recycled plastic bottles which are collected from across Europe and reprocessed in to plastic pellets for use in the creation of polyester fibres by Advansa.

The case fabric is 100% Cotton Constructed into Inner and Outer compartments which keep the fibre in place for reliable support.

Filling : Dacron Comforel ball fibres

Case : 100% Cotton

Comes in Dormitory cotton calico zipped bag

Delivery: All our toppers are fresh filled to order so delivery is approx. 3 weeks