Siberian Goose Down Duvet 13.5 tog


The Best of the Best

Siberian Goose Down is among the finest down that you can buy. In the cold climate of Siberia geese produce much larger clusters of down to retain warmth. This makes for a duvet with great thermal properties to keep you at the perfect sleeping temperature whatever the weather. With a barely there weight, this duvet is soft and luxurious with an exceptional loft.

Each pocket in the case is hand-filled to ensure there are no cold spots and the piped and double stitched edges provide the finish you would expect from a product of this quality. With a top of the range fill it is only natural to use the best cotton cambric for the casing so we use a fine 460 thread count cotton cover to enhance the sense of opulence.

All the fillings are NOMITE® & Downafresh® certified; a declarations of cleanliness and suitability for use by allergy sufferers.

This is our supremely warm winter weight duvet of 13.5tog. Other weights can be made upon request.

Fabric : 100% cotton 460tc casing   Filling : 100% Siberian Goose Down

Warmth : 13.5 tog

Delivery: All our down products are fresh filled to order so delivery is approx. 3 weeks


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