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Aran Honeycomb Throw

Aran Honeycomb Throw

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A mix of Honey comb and Aran cable stitches are used in this pure wool knitted throw blanket. The Aran Isles on the West Coast of Ireland  have a tradition of knitting that has been handed down for generations.

Perfect for curling up under on a cold winter's night

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Fabric: 100% wool

Size: 127x153cm approx

Made in Ireland

Hand wash

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Aran Knitting

Aran Island fisherman off the West coast of Ireland needed their clothes to be resilient against water, very warm, and sturdy.

From the beginning of the twentieth century the women on the islands knitted thick sweaters from unbleached wool or báinín rich in water repellent lanolin. Over time they developed the distinct patterns and cables that are still produced in Ireland today.