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Get yourself Guest ready


One of the nice things about this time of year is welcoming visitors during the Christmas season. Whilst we spend a lot of time getting the decorations up and making the living areas festive the poor old guest accommodation can get a bit forgotten. So here are our tips to make their stay a joy.

Jasmine bed


It may sound obvious but, clean the room thoroughly. It’s amazing how dusty, even an unused room, can get. Open a window and get some fresh air circulating. Peel back the bed covers and make sure the bed sees some of that fresh air as well. If you have animals pay particular attention to getting rid of any stray hairs and doggy/catty smells which you may not even notice but could be the first thing to register with a guest.

There is nothing like scent to improve a room’s ambience so bring in some fresh flowers and or a scented candle. Hyacinths are my favourite at this time of year and have the most gorgeous fresh smell. For a quick fix, you could also use a room spray based on natural oils to avoid that overwhelming synthetic smell.

We also sell the marvelous Zarvis linen liners filled with English lavender to place in linen cupboards between sheets However, these can equally be placed in the bed, once made, to fragrance the sheets ready for guests. It should help them get a good night’s sleep too.

Lavender sachet


Magazines and books are always a nice touch – particularly those of local interest that may give some tips and hints of things to do in the area. Although these days, one of the first things guests want is the Wi-Fi code so make sure it is to hand and perhaps even make up a card with it that can sit next to the bed along with a universal charger for devices.

A lot of people like to have water available to drink at night so it is nice to have a bottle of water and a tumbler available on the bedside table and depending how long your guest will stay it is worth clearing out a drawer and a section of the wardrobe to allow them somewhere to put clothes and hang dresses and/or suits.


Do make sure guests have a reasonable mattress not just the most basic. A good or bad night’s sleep chez vous may be the thing your guest remembers most about their stay. The same should go for the pillows and duvets. You can find out ahead of time if they like a firm or soft pillow and whether they like to be hot or cool when they sleep. You cannot always assume guests like the same temperature as you do so be ready to make it warmer or cooler for them, Have extra blankets or throws on hand which can also be decorative and make the room look nicer.  Offer the level of comfort you would hope to receive. Good cotton sheets are the best option. Comfortable and easy to clean.



Even if you do not have a designated guest bathroom, you need to prepare whatever bathroom your guests will use The first step is to gather up all of your personal items. Leaving your hairbrush out and a big glob of toothpaste in the sink is not exactly welcoming to a guest. Take all clothing and used towels out of the room too! Extra toilet paper is a must. Nothing is more awkward for a guest than running out of toilet paper and having to rummage through your cupboards looking for a new roll so put a few out in plain view or at least make sure to tell guests where they can be found.

Don’t just put one towel out for a guest but give them a good stack of towels – enough for a bath, drying hair and washing hands. It is also nice to set out a small pack of extra toiletries such as toothpaste, new toothbrushes, shampoo and soap, so guests feel at home even if they forgot something important. Even a bathrobe for guests can be a lovely touch.